A ‘writing pad’ is mightier than a ‘digital notepad’

A ‘writing pad’ is mightier than a ‘digital notepad’

Everybody needs one! To capture minutes, make checklists, note discussion points or action points, take notes in a classroom and many more uses.

Well, I am talking about a writing pad or a notebook that we use on a day-to-day basis. I know that we are moving from a writing pad to a digital notepad with tremendous infuse of smart phones into the market. With this, we also want to become smart, so we have started using tools like Apple Notes, Google Docs, Evernote, Any.Do, OneNote and many more in combination. So, are we comparing a simple writing pad with the in-numerous apps that are floating in the market?

Well, let me ask you a question. Which digital notepad allows you to capture your thoughts and ideas seamlessly without disturbing you?

When you start writing, the white sheet that you write on, takes in all your thoughts and puts them straight, without making any comments. This will help you stay focused and will allow your mind to flow in the direction that you want it to. There is no deviation, cross thought, no prompts, no notifications, no battery and no icons to distract you. The flow is full and complete. You are only focusing on that thought, and everything else is being absorbed by the paper. Like they say, ‘a pen is mightier than a sword.’ I want to say, ‘a writing pad is mightier than the digital pad.’

The digital world is so confusing and incomplete that you might be working on umpteen number of projects or activities at a time, but none of them would be complete. You open multiple windows to start writing on different aspects or projects. You will start pouring information in each window, only to see that none is complete. Though you might feel satisfied to have started something, the dissatisfaction of not completing even one project is higher. I bet if any one of you has just one window in your Google Chrome or Safari. See, this is more of a generation problem that’s getting deeper and becoming chronic day by day. We want to be everywhere, do everything and live everyone! But end up being lost totally.

By saying that, I am not ruling out the option of using a digital notepad completely. I am writing this very article on a digital notepad. I extensively use Apple Notes and Evernote. You need to balance it out. If you want to finish something, close all your gadgets and take a scribbling pad. To tell you, if I had written this article in my writing pad, I would have completed this a month back. This file has been open and is one of the 20 files that are open in my laptop for more than a month. When I start writing something on this topic, I get distracted by the other windows that pull my attention.

I recommend you to use a white board if you are working on an important strategy or brainstorming on a business plan. You need to choose a writing pad or a word document incase you are writing a book or an article. Basically, activities that require cells from your right brain need focus. Hence I suggest a pen-paper combination. For other activities like analysis, excel, standard formats & templates; you should make best use of today’s technology.

Last but not the least, if you have a good discipline to ‘Switch off’ the wifi on your laptop or iPad, you can use the desktop applications like MS Word, Apple Notes or Evernote. Also, put a timer to finish that document so that you stay focused. And some people call it Will Power.

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