Are you a ‘SolutionMaker’?

Are you a ‘SolutionMaker’?

It’s never about finding the right solution, but the difficult part is to execute it. I am sure you all agree that we all know the answers to many tough questions like how to end poverty, control corruption, suppress greed, praise the good, ignore the evil, find more minerals, oil or drinking water, and many others. Most often than not, the one who succeeds is not the one who knows the answer, but the one who acts on it. I wonder how Nike knew it long back that the actual power in solving any problem is to ‘do it’. Unless you act on a problem, it’s not going to vanish anywhere. Nor, would it solve by its own!

If you are solving a problem for a day, you are wasting your time. Unless you solve the problem to its fullest, you are just procrastinating it’s comeback.

The untold truth is that we all believe we are SolutionMakers! We can solve any problem, but just that we don’t like to do it ourselves. That’s called an advise. In Indian language, it’s free advise. You will find a lot of them on roads, in meeting rooms, coffee shops, shop floors, bedrooms, dining tables, in the church, at the party, in golf clubs, on the dance floor, in the stadiums, in front of TVs, in the elevator, at the reception area, board rooms, in canteens, local trains, on a long drive, in a shared taxi, in waiting lounges, in interviews, town hall meetings, new hire trainings, da da da… woah!! Everywhere.

And what these pseudo-SolutionMakers do? They talk; not the do!

So what should you do? Get out. Get out of it. Get out of them. Get out of that place. Just get the hell out!!

And, just do.

This ain’t for entrepreneurs or businessmen; this is also applicable for students, graduates, house wives, doctors, clerks, receptionists, call center agents, business analysts, football players, sales guys, marketing guys, CEOs, peons, strategists, auto rickshaw drivers, cab drivers, laundry guys, delivery boys, coaches, authors, bloggers, joggers, cleaners, nurses and new interns. Everybody.

You don’t find a  KeyMaker in the real world, who has keys to all the doors in the universe 🙂


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