With the recent incidents that took place in JNU, I am sure everybody was disturbed; whether you take sides, or not. The biggest challenge the coming generation would face is lack of ‘clarity of thought’. And its got nothing to do with their genes or DNA or anything else; but for the way this world is changing. Truth is slowly dying its own death; courtesy ‘perception’. There is nothing, absolutely nothing called Truth in today’s world. There are a lot of truths, which are now just perceptions. So what happens when perception takes over truth? They can be mended to one’s advantage or disadvantage; while truth is not. Humans have grown to such a stage that they are now capable of manipulating anything. Though the basic truth might remain same that every human grows old day-by-day, we have changed the perception to growing younger with new medication and other treatments. While America says they hate terrorism, they supply F16s to Pakistan. While everyone knows the true intentions of Congress, people support them. While we all know that Afzal Guru was behind the Parliament attack, people support his followers. While we believe that Supreme Court is the epitome of justice, we still comment on their decisions. Though we have faith in our respective religion, we believe critics more than our own faith.This is one of the most beautiful ways of converting truth to perception. This is a verbatim from a leading newspaper. How many of you have changed your mind after reading this?

A student who was a part of the event organising committee, told  The Hindu: “The programme was a cultural evening organised to question the working of the Supreme Court. It was also meant to bring the grievances of the Kashmiri citizens to light. The struggles of ‘self-determination’ must be openly spoken about. Considering this is a democratic republic, why should dissent be suppressed?”

So the point I am trying to make is that we have reached a stage where you can never prove anything right or wrong to someone. Irrespective of whatever facts or truths that you show to the other person, he will go with his own perceptions rather than believing the actual truth. The whole world used to die for the greatness of Indian culture and many countries have even tried to copy or destroy it. Great men and women who lived on this magnificent land built this greatness, over many centuries. We had a great past for which all of us should take pride. We should feel fortunate to have born on this great land, the land where truth prevailed for a long long time.

We all need to introspect and ask ourselves to pick sides. You always have a choice, to choose Truth or Perception. If you are not in a position to choose, all you can do is to pray to the almighty to ‘Save our culture, save our country.’ An intense prayer with a strong Will is the only solution to safeguard our mother, our country.