Reasons could be many, but the problem remains the same. Be it in India, America, Australia or anywhere in the world. Be it a CEO, a manager or a clerk; the feeling is unanimous… the weekend just vanished! I would have generalized this to some extent, but I have chosen to go with the majority.Yes, there are few powerful leaders who beat Monday blues hands down. But a majority of them get stuck. Unfortunately, people fill this time by spending their valuable time on WhatsApp, Facebook or twitter. I feel that these activities should have their own space and time. The trick here is of course ‘balancing the act’. While you use these sites to de-stress, they should not exhaust you and eat away the best in you.

I tried to get some interesting points online, but its all crap. One of them says, you need to look for the next weekend to beat Monday blues. Wow, what a way to start a productive week!

I personally use these 7 methods to avoid Monday Blues. Needn’t to say, I have figured them through my own experience and they do work. I have observed this with few corporate leaders and recently with the new age entrepreneurs as well:

  1. Start Early: Never go late to the workplace on a Monday. As it is you are half dead, and you don’t want the guilt of starting late, which could kill the other half.
  2. Music On: Switch on to some fast beats/tracks. These beats will push your adrenaline and boost up your senses. This will also help in erasing your sweet weekend memories, which otherwise is too much of a disturbance. You could even read a page from your favourite book thats on top of your reading table.
  3. Right Activity: Choose an activity that you like to start your week with. If you are a sales guy, don’t start your week with a review. Have a customer meeting in the first half to get back to serious work. If you are into projects, start with a group discussion or a brain storming session. Trust me, you would love the outcome.
  4. Plan Ahead: Always plan your Monday’s schedule in the previous week itself. This is important because, your start to the week depends on what you do on a Monday and this sets the pace for the week ahead. Fix an appointment with your customer in advance, or share the discussion notes to the team in advance. You don’t want to spend your Monday, thinking what to do for the week ahead; right? Especially, not on a precious Monday morning.
  5. No Social Media: Don’t start your day/week by logging into Facebook or WhatsApp. This eats up your work enthusiasm and priorities. Focus on important activities to make best use of your productivity. You can always keep a portion of the lunch hour for social media.
  6. No Emails: Yes, don’t check your emails at least for the first 1 hour. If they can wait for the whole weekend, they can wait for another hour. Emails consume a lot of time and let them not eat away your important time. You need to do one of the above activities before you get onto emails, so that you can set the right direction for the week ahead. Remember, a good start is half job done.
  7. Food & Sleep: Last but not the least, it’s not easy for people to have a control on the sumptuous food on a Sunday night. I suggest you have a gala brunch or a lunch, but keep your dinner light; so that you get a good night sleep… After all, you need to recharge your battery.