Good bye Human Living; Welcome Artificial Living!

Good bye Human Living; Welcome Artificial Living!

“Today a person is subjected to more new information in a day than a person in the middle ages in his entire life!


From the time the world started going into digitisation, we have been punching data and more of it. The machines started replacing humans and started generating tons of data as their birthright. Their job is to make data, more data and much more. Over a period of time, there was so much of it that the bytes have become kilobytes, from kilo to mega, mega to giga, giga to tera, tera to peta, peta to exa, exa to zetta… phew! Did we start to lose our mojo? And the belief in super human powers?


‘Data data, data all over the place, but no data to consume.’

We realized that there is too much of data that is being generated, which is not making sense to a common many. So the experts started connecting the dots. Instead of reading the ZEROs and ONEs as they come, they started putting things in perspective to make some sense out of the large volumes of data. We call it ‘#Information’.


While the humans outsourced a lot of their routine work to these machines to generate data and information, the humans felt bored with it after some time. They wanted to create something fresh. So they started using their brains again and started creating fresh data, information, errrr… well, we call it ‘Content’ now.

#Content became the talk of the town, because it differentiated itself from the data produced by a dumb machine viz an intelligent human brain. While the reasons could be many, one of the popular reasons for its stardom is ‘Engagement’.

“Content encourages engagement”


Meanwhile, another set of intelligent (so called) professors from Harvard and Stanford came up with formulae and algorithms to make information more interesting through a process. The idea is to take relevant portions of large sets of information and create a visual representation. They named it ‘Infographic’.


It became an immediate hit because; they were able to contain everything to one visual. More so with the Startups and the new age #Entrepreneurs when they want to pitch to their prospective clients or #investors. Made their lives a lot simpler.


While the #Startup communities were busy creating some real cool #infographics, the data intensive multinational companies were cooking something in their backyard. They went into the root of problem to come up with something very exciting. In stead of taking what ever data that comes out of these machines/ systems, they focused on generating relevant data from them. Once they had good data, they started analyzing and helped businesses with business insights. Something that was not possible earlier. They created an #Information #Technology process and named it ‘#Business #Intelligence’.
















“Garbage In, garbage Out”

This took some time for companies to adopt because, companies never had clean data. Their data was bad, so were their analysis and so was the output in the form of business insights. Since this requires a lot of education to all the departments in an organisation, this will take some time for companies to see its true potential.


“While yesterday was for Content, today is for Relevance.”

Till about few years back, we had a known set of machines and systems that used to generate data. Today, with the advent of Internet and smart phones around, every single gadget started throwing data, in some form or the other. So, how can we let that go unnoticed? That’s the genesis of the concept called ‘Internet of Things (#IoT)’. Get that data from every single source around us and do something about it. Well, while some say that we are complicating the world around us; the others say we are simplifying life around us. Both are right!

How do you analyze large volumes of data coming from all corners all the time? We do it through ‘#BigData’. This is like connecting every single dot that’s available in the digital world today. It is like switching ON your air conditioner even before you enter your home and instruct your coffee machine to brew a strong coffee just before you open your main door. Can you become more foolish than this? Err… intelligent!


#Artificial #Intelligence (#AI)has been a buzzword for a very long time; almost few decades now. But for some reason scientists and professors couldn’t build a super intelligent digital brain that could replicate a human one. Well, humans are great! So the team out there changed gears and the approach to make it more relevant to this world. They build something called ‘Virtual Reality’ (#VR). While the both might mean the same, #Virtual #Reality sounds closer to human acceptance. Instead of just talking and explaining about AI in so many words and theories, the professors came up with something that can be seen or felt. Seeing is believing, right?



May be, since people might not like ‘artificial’ stuff, they would have changed it to some ‘reality’. As a critic, I feel VR is definitely a big leap in technology, but probably in the wrong direction currently. I don’t see major problems being solved with it, except for some fun stuff.



After all the so-called ‘#Artificial #Living’, I think the logical extension to all this would be towards what Johnny Depp depicts how powerful can the technology become in ‘Transcendence’. With the amount of data that’s being generated, and after writing complex algorithms to dissect this data to come up with millions of permutations and combinations, I don’t think this is going to be difficult.

You don’t just see or talk to your son who is in another city, but also touch him virtually. You may either call it wow; or shit! It’s totally up to you, but you cannot avoid this stage.


You can smell the fish curry that your mother makes who is living in another city. You can give a helping hand from your bedroom to your father who is crossing the road in the next street. You can have a live-in relationship even without living together. You can kiss your daughter while you are at office and she at her classroom. Replacing your heart or lungs with a new one would be an hour’s job at the nearest pharmacy. Well, you might say it is scary, but that’s how it is going to be. That’s when you can do every single thing even after you have died, as good as when you were alive.

Welcome to the future of Artificial Living! Or, should I call it, Life after Death? Or, did we just upload our lives to the cloud? Whatever…



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