How to ‘De-Clutter’ in this ‘Clutter-Full’ world?

How to ‘De-Clutter’ in this ‘Clutter-Full’ world?

First Things First: This is a no-brainer and most of you would have guessed it by now. Notifications are a strict no-no. Turn off notifications on your phone, whichever business you are in. In fact, you could even switch off your phone when you are working on something very important. Assume that you are on a plane for 2 hours. Simple, isn’t it? Yeah, you need to trick the mind!


The 60 min regime: While WhatsApp has literally become the mode of formal communication for many businesses (the death of email), it’s become important to keep a tab on WhatsApp regularly. But most often that not, we get to read the ones on the top, than the ones that are important. That’s when it becomes total madness, because we get to spend 15 mins on things that are absolutely not required. The method to control this madness is to get into this simple discipline technique. Get into a 60 min regime! So, instead of watching the phone every now and then to check for any updates, open the app every 60 mins. This is the perfect way to stay in touch, at the same time being untouched by the madness.


The writing habit: Taking notes on a writing pad is still considered healthy for your mind. It activates many systems in your brain that could not only help in improving memory, but also improve the quality of your thoughts. All you have to do is carry a small notepad all the time and keep scribbling. So why wait?


Trick Your Mind: Mind acts like a Kumbhakarna when it comes to being fed with information. It is always searching for something or the other to keep itself engaged, for reasons best known to it. The mind likes to watch Facebook or WhatsApp because there is so much to watch, without actually using the power of mind. In a way, whiling away time!That’s what many people do right? When you see someone watching his or her phone (acting to be busy) your eyes send an alarm to the mind that you are wasting time and you should also get busy with your phone. Swoosh, goes the hand in search of the phone. When you face such a situation, instead of fighting with the mind, feed it with an alternate like newspaper, magazine, writing pad or even just watching nature or people around you. Trust me, the mind will be happy. It just needs to be kept busy. Funny, isn’t it?


Clean is Dirty: It is absolutely fine if you have unread messages in your WhatsApp groups. Believe me, you will not be put in jail! You don’t need to see all the messages. If it’s really important, the other person is going to call you anyway. Second, you don’t need to know everything that’s happening in this world. You needn’t dig deep into the Burkina Faso incident in Africa, nor can you do much about the 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Sumatra, nor the train mishap in Egypt. You simply cannot know everything in this world. Know what’s really important to you or your business. Dig deep and stay focused in the areas of your interest and importance. The world already has many high-flying super heroes; all it needs now is someone grounded who could focus on just one thing and make a mark.


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