Ideas, Ideas everywhere but no idea to execute

Ideas, Ideas everywhere but no idea to execute

“Ideas are easy. Its the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats” – Sue Grafton

If you fail to plan, you are just planning to fail. It’s that simple understand; yet so complicated to implement. There has been a lot of innovation in the last 30 years in several industries across the globe. While few succeeded, many failed in this game of entrepreneurship. And most of the time the success or failure is neither attributed to the idea, nor the fancy business plan with a witty GTM strategy. It is only and only for their ability or inability to implement and execute the way they envisaged before the start.

When a scientist develops a molecule that can eradicate the worst of the diseases, it should become popular by default. After all, you are solving a big problem and is of great use to the entire humanity. But very few see light and are able to succeed to distribute to the society at large and make a difference. Many others fail because they don’t know how to roll this to a large distribution and channel them to reach to the rest of the world.

This is a known trend in every revolution – be it about a country fighting for its freedom, a religion fighting for its existence, industrial revolution, technology revolution, or any other revolution in the history of mankind. While majority of them participate for the sake of participating sacrifice their time, money and efforts, just wanting to be part of the wave; for the benefit of those small minority who come out with flying colours. This phenomenon is inevitable! But the beauty of nature is remarkable. Since we don’t know exactly who is going to be that small minority, everyone tries to do their best. You might know that Usain Bolt is a default winner of the race, but Tyson Gay will try his best to beat him. What is the one thing Usain & Tyson keep doing? Execute, Repeat.

Something similar is what I am noticing in the current entrepreneurship revolution that’s just started in India. We are all running our best and everyone of us wants to come out with flying colours. But my submission here is that instead of participating and trying your luck, I would recommend you to focus on ability to innovate & execute. This would pretty much guarantee your success, more than just depending on a fancy idea or a witty business plan. Ideas are easy, cheap and common; everybody has them. Ideas are worthless without execution. Ideas are just multipliers, while the execution is the real value. So decide if you want to create the value first, or the multiplier!

Ideas are dime a dozen… It’s the execution that’s important to build a company.

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