Many say India is a land of opportunities; I say it’s a land of People. And when people are available in plenty, selling a service becomes challenging. Not because there is no value to the offering, but because we are not used to appreciating the value of a service. I think it might take another decade to increase our appetite for services. There is a strong reason why we have been behaving the way it is. When we buy a TV or a bike or any other product, we generally get emotional, because we buy the emotion in it. We get very personal about that product and at times it even becomes a part of our lives. We think about it all the time (at least for the initial few days). We starts talking to it and even dream about it at times. That’s how they start playing with our lives and we become their toy, instead the other way round (how ironic!).There is no right or wrong to this. This happened to the West also, a century ago. That’s the reason why they saw some of the greatest inventions like Steam Engine,  Airplane, Automobile industry and many more. They saw this coming and started working on innovations for the next few decades. Thomas Edison couldn’t stop with one experiment, because he was too emotional about his experiments.  He went to the extent of even living in the laboratory. That is when the experiments started using Edison for their inventions. They made him instrumental, but history thinks the other way round.

How I wish if there is a button to go back in history. I would want India to take the baton forward and start the next wave of inventions, before this craze and craving dies its own death. By the way, it is not something new to us. Our great grandfathers have created history long time ago, Aryabhatta who invented ‘ZERO’, Sushruta who doctored medicine, CV Raman in Science, Tagore, APJ and many more inventors in recent past. One of the key differences that I noticed between India and America is that Americans have a better pattern than us. When they see a trend, they quickly get to it and enhances it. We don’t take action even if we see a trend. We need to improve our pace of thinking, acting, implementing and improving. It’s definitely easier said than done, but we need to start somewhere.

Indians are always in millions! A million fans for a movie star, a million likes on Facebook for a cause, a million people attending a political meeting during elections, etc. The problem doesn’t end there; everybody has a Demi God – Amitabh Bachchan to some, Rajinikanth to few, Shah Rukh, Salman, and Ranbir. The problem here is that we are a billion people moving in million directions. We dig 1 meter deep at a thousand places in search of water instead of digging 100o meters at one place! Our education system talks about different syllabi – State, CBSE, ICSE, IB and many other affiliations. We always had a problem of plenty. We want to do more in less time and unfortunately we end up doing nothing. We try to look for quick results and end up going around like headless chickens.

Look at the houses in the US or Australia. Many of them are huge, some even running into acres. The people living here might have some of the best products at home like a 70 inch home theatre, oven, multi door fridge, Wi-Fi, security system, etc., but the same people have to do everything on their own when it comes to chores around the home; right from getting something repaired, driving to the grocery store, clearing up the lawn, laundry, etc. It’s exactly the opposite in India. We have people all around us to wash clothes, clean utensils, get the groceries, etc., but we might not even have an air condition at home. That’s the way we have defined ourselves and that’s how we were raised. Though we might see a big queue for the next Xbox launch in India, the person standing in the queue might not be willing to pay a petty fee of Rs. 30 to park his car in the parking area.

Selling services to Indian consumers might not be a cakewalk, but it also doesn’t need a lot of thought and innovation. Indians believe in commoditization, be it a handset worth Rs. 2000, or a Rolls Royce worth crores, or a consulting assignment with Accenture. If your neighbour has it, you should have it. If your colleague has it, you should have it. If your relative has it, you should have it. Its that simple!