The DICTATOR, for all the right reasons!

The DICTATOR, for all the right reasons!

Gita 4.7: “yadā yadā hi dharmasya glānir bhavati bhārata abhyutthānam adharmasya tadātmānaḿ sṛjāmy aham.

Paritranaya sadhunang vinashay cha dushkritam Dharmasangsthapanarthay sambhabami yuge yuge”

“Whenever there is decay of righteousness, O Bharata,

And there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth;

For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers,

For the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age.”

Kalyug is the time when the Maha Maya is at her best elements. Everybody falls prey to the worldly objects. Hence, the difference between ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ becomes perspective or subjective. People are living to enjoy life, forgetting the values and beliefs. Today, it’s very easy to pick up the wrong side and still justify yourself, because we don’t have anything left thats white or black, we created more and more shades of grey; and we are happy about that.

But, is that the real purpose of life? The ultimate desire of the almighty is to protect TRUTH; thats the universal truth. Thats the only things common across all yugas. Truth alone wins, period. That’s what happened in Ramayana and Mahabharata too.


Maa Durga, who is the daughter of the mountain and the joy of the world, blesses us with her immense compassion and grace. She gives us everything that we ask for, because she is the Cosmic Mother and the entire universe is her children. Nevertheless, when there is a disturbance in the joy of the world, She wears her dreadful avatar to eliminate them. Thats how She eliminated the demons, Mahishasura, Durdhara, Durmukha, Madhu, Kaitabha, Chanda, Munda, Dhumralocana, Raktabija, Shumbha, Nishumbha and Tarkasura. Is this what Modi is doing now?

This holy land, the land where Rishis, Maharishis, Gyanis, Great Gurus and the Lord himself walked. This holy land where Ganges flow. This holy land that abodes Mount Kailash. This holy land where pious people worship. This holy land where people’s ultimate goal is nirvana. How can you think that this holy India will be let spoilt?

When the evil rise, so does the Almighty. The delay is only due to the delay in your prayer. Lets all pray that Bharath becomes holy again. Let the Truth prevail, and win, always…


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