One of the biggest entrepreneur’s dilemmas today is, whether to follow your gut, or not!We all agree that we live in a world of endless possibilities. But did you ever think why these possibilities become possible to only a few? Someone beautifully described this recently. The winning capability is neither the person’s skill, experience, intellect, expertise nor the knowledge he carries. It’s the ‘GUT’.

The journey of entrepreneurship is not straight and easy. Though it might be welcoming in the beginning, it gets tougher as we go along. So, unless you have a huge GUT that your product or service is going to make it to the summit, please go back and re-define your GUT. I am being specific to your own self; go back and talk to your self. Many people with rich industry experience, domain knowledge, past corporate success, fail, because that is not the major qualification of an entrepreneur. My advice to an aspiring entrepreneurs is the same – you need to be tough enough to handle complex situations and many surprises on your journey, to sail thru the vast ocean. The first step should always be the right step, less you might start a totally different journey that you wouldn’t enjoy. As I say, entrepreneurship is the journey; not the destination. Unless you enjoy the journey, what fun is it to reach the destination?