The power of FAITH

The power of FAITH

When Lord Ram killed Raavan, people celebrated joy and happiness across all 3 lokas (bhu loka, paathaal, swarga loka) treating this as ‘good over evil’; including the raakshas in Raavan’s own kingdom Lanka. This happened not because Lord Ram decided to wage war on Raavan one fine day or did they have enmity for decades. It was just the prayers of people that called for an Avtar. Maha Vishnu has nothing to do with Raavan’s adharma, unless the people on this earth pray for the re-installation of Dharma. People in Tretayuga believed and lived Sanathana Dharma as part of their daily life, which made it very easy for Maha Vishnu to act on.

Though Kauravas were greedy for the powerful throne, they were very cautious in every action of theirs. They knew they have to play only according to the rules of the land to eliminate Pandavas; because Dharma still prevailed in many people. So they decided to use the loopholes of the law and tried defeating and humiliating Pandavas. Dwapar yuga had people on either sides; some with a strong faith on the eternal Sanathana Dharma and few who didn’t. That’s precisely why even the Maha Vishnu in the form of Krishna took so much time to repair the elements of mankind. He spent a lot of time and energy to set things right by guiding and spearheading Pandavas (and those who had immense faith on Dharma). It is that prayer of Pandavas to revive Dharma, to which Krishna had no choice but to initiate the eventful Mahabharata war.

We are now in the fourth and the final yuga of the vicious yuga cycle or the ‘Kaal Chakra’ (Time Wheel). After seeing what happened during the previous yugas, we don’t need to think what could happen in Kaliyuga. Right? How many would know what is Sanathana Dharma, forget about having faith in it. How many of us would be really worried about its revival? How many of us are actually praying the great lord for its re-installation? What chance are we giving to the great Maha Vishnu to come on this earth and fight for us? Doesn’t it resonate with the horrific incidents and situations in our country today? Why are we silent when our mother India is being disrobed right in front of us? The great Bhishma himself was not spared for his silence in the mahasabha. How can we sit back and relax? Countrymen, please RISE!

God is so compassionate that He doesn’t ask for much. All He expects from us is to keep that faith in us. That is all. It’s that simple! In spite of Raavan having a strong military force, mother ‘Nature’ helped Lord Ram with monkeys to fight against the demon king. It is the same faith that helped stones to float on the seawater. Krishna had to use his magical powers to help Pandavas overcome their difficulties, just because they were righteous and had faith in Dharma. Always remember this eternal Truth; however strong and powerful adharma could be, Dharma will always be victorious.

The only underlying fact that cuts across all yugas is the showcase of the power of faith in Sanathana Dharma and it’s greatness. Indian culture is the mother of all cultures and to protect this treasure is our duty, responsibility and the very purpose of our lives.

“Save our Country, save our Culture” should be our daily prayer. Have faith; and continue to have faith on that ‘faith’!

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