The reflection of Life!

The reflection of Life!

When a person is born, he carries with him a clean slate, which is nothing but Bliss. Just that and nothing else. His intellect, knowledge, skills, awareness, education, everything is at state null. He is as pure as snow and as clean as white. This is a state of nothingness. Or, I call it the Life-Mirror.

When he starts growing, he starts learning things. It could be learning to talk, write, sing, dance, cycle, swim, run, eat and many more. As he starts growing bigger, he starts to learn science, math, language, fight, complain, gossip, etc. When he grows to a bigger male, he would learn tougher subjects like economics, marketing, finance, medicine, politics, etc. Later when he then starts working for an organisation or builds his own company, he starts managing people, handling complaints, feedback, strategies, selling, marketing his products and services, managing accounts, handling finances, etc. Once he finds his love, he gets married, starts growing a family; look after their studies, health and overall well-being. He makes advances in his career, starts making more money, moves up the ladder, gets his children married, manages to maneuver through ups and downs in his business, learns to compromise & sacrifice. Once he retires from work, he starts to understand life. He then realizes the true essence of life. Whatever he has been doing and done since his childhood is nothing but a replica of Life. He thinks or assumes that he has been living his life as per his order & style. Whatever he did were his decisions. He assumes that he lived as per his whims and fancies.

Let me take you back in time. When you were born, you were nothing but nothingness. You were a Mirror and what does a mirror do? Reflect. Just that. You have been doing the same thing your whole life. Why do you think different people behave differently? A farmer in a remote village reflects the set of people living in that village. If you take a sample, you wouldn’t go wrong on your analysis. So is the case with a town, a city, a metropolitan or even Manhattan. When a person from a town move from a town to a city, he will transform over a period of time, because he starts reflecting by seeing what others are doing. It depends on the kind of company that you be with. And that’s precisely why few people click and few don’t. You haven’t chosen the right set of people to get the right reflection. Even our elders used to say that if you stay with good people, you would grow with good thoughts. Even the movies have shown that evil grows evil. That’s nothing but the effect of his own reflection that is being thrown at him. That’s precisely why the same evil, when nurtured and loved by a lady, turns to start doing good things. Not because there have been some chemical reactions, it was just reflection in its true form.

“Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see”

You don’t need to understand life’s complexes for a happy life. Once you know and understand this subtle secret of life; you can cross any mountain and ocean in your life’s journey. To me, this is the true reflection of LIFE.

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