Want to break an addiction? Big deal…

Want to break an addiction? Big deal…

While a lot of us think that breaking an addiction is difficult, the actual difficulty is being built by that thought.

Most of us have addictions. Though the reasons could be many (best known to us), breaking them becomes a big challenge. We get used to it and get eaten away in the process. While some of us don’t remember why we started, these common reasons are impulse, style, pride, attraction, fear, boredom, anxiety, stress, etc. Now do you nod your head? 🙂


The most notorious of them all is ‘Drugs.’ You would have seen this in many movies too. Well, I might not want to comment on changing this addiction so easily, but lets talk about overcoming the less serious and less complicated ones!

If you want to know:

  • how to avoid watching glue-stick TV serials or daily soaps;
  • how do you want to move to a shivering cold water bath from a cozy warm water bath;
  • how to wake up early in the morning for a walk, jog or a run;
  • getting out of that lazy couch watching TV the whole day;
  • to close that facebook window and get back to work;
  • avoid those continuous WhatsApp notifications;
  • to stop checking email every 20 minutes;
  • to stop getting tempted to eat a candy or a sweet after every meal
  • to stop drinking aerated drinks to kill boredom
  • to move from a manual drive to an automatic drive mode of vice versa

Here’s the secret…

1.This one time!

Yes, you read it right. Say ‘No’ to that one time and you would see a terrific change in the way your mind operates. If you can do it this one time, you can pretty much repeat when ever a similar situation appears. This is the key!


Controlling your mind that one time is all it takes to overcome an addiction/ unwanted habit. It is said that 97% of the decisions are already made in the subconscious mind. The actual mind is just the doer. Isn’t this weird? So who decides what goes into the subconscious mind? You, obviously! The mind is so powerful that it doesn’t stop thinking even while we are at sleep. It processes so much information even without our knowledge and hence that decides what we need to do and what not to. This information is built over years and decades, That’s how it creates something called a ‘personality.’ Everyone has one and hence we think its common and natural. Do you know that you have the power to change it?

The subconscious mind starts to overtake the better of you when you start giving up. The subconscious mind is very delicate and has the habit of pressing the panic button with a small fear. So, that’s where you need to start. You need to start challenging the mind and slowly take control of it. That is where you will start overcoming your addiction and be able to do the impossible. No wonder, why they say, ‘its all in the mind.

2. Challenge the mind

When you don’t challenge the mind, that’s when it thinks that what you are doing is right and gets used to it. And that’s when you start getting used to the habit even without your knowledge. The subconscious mind keeps feeding the actual mind with logic and reason, making it look normal. That’s why at times the master could be a slave to the slavery; need not be to the slave.


The subconscious mind got used to:

-watching TV when boredom hits;

-watching the daily serial when the clock hits 7PM;

-smoking a fag after a meal;

-having a nice lazy warm water shower

So, all these are quiet normal to the mind. When you don’t watch TV at 7PM, the mind starts thinking its abnormal and pushes the panic button, asking the regular mind to do something to bring back normalcy. The same thing happens with the coffee break, morning jog, and many more activities that happen in our daily lives.

3. Start slow

Don’t change overnight. Your mind could send a shiver to your backbone putting everything at risk. It’s just doing its duty. Start with a small dose. Quit watching the 7PM soap by going out for an important activity.


Do this on alternate days so that the subconscious mind starts realizing that ‘watching the 7PM’ soap is not sacrosanct and can be skipped at times. It realizes that ‘Not Watching’ is also normal and not panic. So would be the case with nicotine intake, gulping a coke, etc. If you notice, that’s what the psychiatrist does to a drug addict (trust me, I am not a psychology student)!!

The only caveat in this process is that you need to replace the subconscious mind’s logic/ reason with an alternate one. If you want to avoid a smoke, replace it with an alternate reason with busy work, just tea is fine, let me go for a smoke after 1 hour, etc. It cannot be left with vacuum, as it might confuse the current logic that mind is operating.


4. Strengthen the mind

The best way to fill up this vacuum is sound reasoning and this is best when you have a healthy mind. The mind has to be sent to a gym regularly through meditation or yoga. Meditation can make the mind very strong as you get controlling power, while yoga’s pranayam (breathing exercise) could equally do the same by enhancing the controlling power of the mind.peaceful-life

Wow, too much gyan in one go! I have tried and tested these techniques and been successful in my personal life. I sincerely wish, hope and pray that each one of you get over your unwanted addictions so that you would start living a peaceful life.




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