What’s your movie?

What’s your movie?

‘A chimpanzee kept in solitude is not a chimpanzee at all.’ – Wolfgang Kohler

We all live our own movie. We take the main role and act to our best. Everybody in this world is living his or her own movie. Some have serious movies; few action-oriented; horror, fantasy, comedy, sentimental, boring and creepy. What’s your movie?

Someone who believes in sentiments lives a sentimental movie. His or her world revolves around that. Someone who believes life is all about taking risks lives a movie of risks and rewards. The beauty is that the rules are different for the artists in different movies. In a sentimental movie, you might have to follow a few rituals every day. You think committing even a small mistake takes you to hell. You might get bitten by a snake or so if you violate a small rule. So he or she continues to live a world of self-goodness. On the other hand, you have a movie where someone is living a life of a CEO. Your world revolves around people, strategy & money. It doesn’t matter if you make few mistakes here & there; there are no snakes in your movie. If you are a fighter, you will only think of kicking someone or getting kicked. If you are a racer, your world revolves around bikes or cars and driving at speeds becomes your adrenaline. If you slow down for some reason, you are living someone else’s life, but not yours. If you think you are going to fall off your bike, please don’t be. In your movie, you are the hero and the hero needs to have a ball of a ride, all the time. If you are an actor, just act. If you are a dancer, just dance. If you are a scientist, just invent. If you are a joker, laugh and make others laugh.

  On any movie that I involved with, I say what I think. – Sean Penn

One should not think about what others are thinking about him or her. At times, even a real movie star fail to appreciate his own performance that he acted in a movie a few years back. The reality is, it doesn’t matter now. That movie would have been a super hit then, and the action that he performed was relevant to the audience at that time; even though it might look like a circus comedy today. Steve Jobs didn’t invent iPod on day 1. But if he looks back to the punching machine that he worked on many years back, he would have laughed at himself. So would Walt Disney, JRD, Henry Ford and many great leaders. Just live your movie, know that it is YOU who is the hero in the movie and keep doing what you love and love doing it again and again. Success will be too small to describe this state.

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