Who am I?

Who am I?

This reminds me of a TV commercial played by one of the job portals few years back. The advertisement shows a woman wearing a traditional dancing sari with a cricket bat in her hands; a singer sitting in front of a computer trying to run some codes, and few more funny unfit stories. So my question today is, do you know if you are fit to be a corporate professional or, are you the one who can go that extra mile to an become an entrepreneur? I know this is a million, if not a billion dollar question, especially in this age of crazy valuations! 😉

After my 11 years of corporate stint and 4 years of entrepreneurship struggle, I think I found an easy answer. Am sure there could be complex answers too in the market, developed by the great philosophers and management Gurus based on a combination of parameters like psychometric and behavioral analysis; but mine is a simple one.

Strong Mind – If you are a person with an intelligent mind but a weak heart, then I strongly suggest you to move to corporate world and build a fantastic career as a corporate professional. I meant a monthly salary job, whichever company you join.

Strong Heart – If you are a person with a strong heart but a weak mind, then you have a better chance of making yourself a good entrepreneur. You can get out of your comfort zone and venture into the woods. Be an entrepreneur. What I meant by a strong heart is that you are able to take bold decisions, be tough in times of distress or if something goes wrong in a project. You stand up and take charge.

I can prove this! From Larry Ellison to Richard Branson to Bill Gates. Their companies didn’t succeed, they succeeded. When Steve Jobs joined back Apple, it was not for his intellect, but for his ability to show his dream to others and his conviction to make things happen. Remember, you need to have a super strong heart to take this decision, because no body, including Steve Jobs would have known the right answer. If they are far-fetched examples, there are innumerable success stories in the small towns and villages of India. There are a few villages that are self sufficient with roads, water, drainage, schools and medical care. It’s not because of Govt. initiatives or its funds; it’s only because of that Sarpanch (Head of the village) who has gone the extra mile to give a better life to each villager.

 People attribute a lot of parameters to the success of an organization. I would attribute the above analysis as the major reason. Idea, team, funding, ability to execute will come only next to this. Yes, when you move from one stage to another, you need to build a better strategy, better team, more funding and other aspects; but prima fascia, if you want to know who you are, then ask this fundamental question to yourself. You get to know your own answer!!

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