What a powerful statement and how so true! Yes, quality wins all the time! And unfortunately people continue to waste their time trying to prove this wrong. Thats human nature right?Well, there are innumerable examples of businesses trying hard to prove that quantity wins over quality, but failed miserably. You might succeed initially if you have some processes in the supply chain, or you might get cheaper raw material or the same in abundance, or you might get cheap labour, or if you have cheaper real estate, or more resources to make a cheaper product in large quantities or few other reasons. This will not complete your product. Unfortunately, customers don’t buy products or services, they buy the experience. If you don’t give that experience, though you might see some initial success, you are bound to fail in the long run. You may create an initial market for your product or service for few geographies, but this is right ingredient for a long term game plan. Imagine few decades ago when people used to wonder how could someone spend few tens of dollars for a coffee? Howard Schultz showed them the way. Starbucks now is a great story across the globe NOT for a coffee chain, but customer experience.

Sundaram Clayton Limited is a group company of TVS Group in Chennai. They provide aluminium and magnesium die-castings to automotive companies like Rolls Royce, Daimler, etc. SCL was the flagship company for the TVS Group for many decades for the shear strength of making quality products. In fact, their quality processes used to be rated so high that people used to set time on their watches based on TVS company busses arrival and departure. That was the DNA of the organisation.

Another totally distinct story is that of Reliance in India. They have mastered everything that man knows. Their sheer ability to execute large projects with detail is commendable. The difference between other similar large companies and them is that Reliance offers unbelievable prices to consumers and yet make high profits, which is a secret only known to them. This is revolutionary thinking, truly. I could only relate this success to ICICI Bank when they revolutionized the Indian banking experience. I am only talking from a consumer perspective. As a consumer, I had a great time availing their extended services, online and tele banking services. As I said earlier, if you want to establish long-term success, you need to build high quality products or services and for which the secret sauce is constant innovation. That is what I could relate to Starbucks, Sundaram Clayton, Reliance, ICICI Bank and many companies across the globe that are stalwarts in their industries like GE, Apple, Vodafone, Sony, Toyota, Amazon, Disney and many more.

It wouldn’t be prudent if I don’t mention that there are many small companies that delivers quality products and services, which means quality is not expensive that only the biggies can afford it. It is not specific to an industry. It cannot be seasonal or restricted to only senior management or a specific department. It has to be the ‘ATTITUDE of the organisation and the DNA of every person working there. Every Indian start-up that’s part of the new emerging eco-system should be aware of this wisdom. Customers don’t buy products, they buy value. Give them the best, so that they come back, as well as refer more customers to you; and eventually the product sells on its own. Build this as part of your organizational design. Think, Grow, Now>>