‘You can consider yourself unfortunate, if you happen to leave India and settle in some other country’; said a Satguru to me 20 years back. It is my duty to tell you why and more important that I say this today. India or ‘Bharat’ has given birth to great Rishis and Maharishis over the last many centuries (Yugas in fact). The amount of great karma that has been left over by those great souls is just immense. It can neither be quantified in numbers nor can be gauged by any instrument. Many achieved ‘Nirvana’ (Moksha) over the timeless history on this very land. So where do you think all this energy has gone? It has gone nowhere, but still remains grounded inside this holy land. It will even remain for the next many centuries to come. Even the Vedas and the Upanishads talk about the greatness of this land.If that is the case, then why do we go through tough times? You may ask, why are crime, sinfulness and many unnecessary disturbances still prevailing on this so-called pure land? Why do people indulge in the acts of adharma, wicked and unjustifiable practices? Why are our kith and kin suffering in the pangs of poverty, greed, possessiveness and materialism?

India is a land of karma and hence is called ‘Karma Bhoomi’. So what happens in a materialistic world? Your individual karma is different from the karma of the land. The beauty is that if you have bad karma, some of it is negated by the good karma of the land you live in. Of course none of us are pure, so if you truly believe in karma and would like to clean yourself, then you need to live on this very land. Those who are as pure as white, doesn’t really need any external help and they are in their own world. Even more worse is that we are in the Kali Yuga now and its very important to know and believe this. Belief used to be the truth in other Yugas, but unfortunately, in this Yuga it is a perception. Hence you need to have belief on your ‘belief’, that this is true and I need to follow without hesitation. Kali Yuga is very deceptive because these are testing times, that’s played by Maha Maya. It is very easy to fall prey to the material world in this Yuga; such is its power. The Maha Maya gives blinds you and makes you think that every achievement is your personal achievement and you are beyond everyone and everything (including the power of the great Almighty). That is when you fall prey to greed and materialism. When you posses such skills, where do you think the society and the human race at large would lead to? Misery, of course. And that’s exactly is what we are witnessing in different parts of the globe. Unfortunately, it is the exact same! When the symptoms are same, the diagnosis is straightforward.

The entire universe is still a figment of imagination. Death is still inevitable. Science & Technology is still at grassroots level. Money is just a status symbol. Relationships are just for Facebook likes. Work is only to kill time. Inventions are just IPs. Yet, we say we are the most intelligent, powerful and even mightier than the Almighty.

The most common aspect that cuts across Yugas that we can learn from all the Avatars, Saints, Rishis, Maharishis, Satgurus, Great Kings, biggest scientists, inventors, discoverers, is ‘Humility’. Something that we all need to learn from Rama, Krishna, Bhishma, Dhrona, Hanuman, Aryabhatta, Adi Sankara, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Shiridi Sai Baba, Mytreya, Parashuram, Agastya, Valmiki, Anasuya, Sita, Paramahamsa, Aurobindo, Buddha, Mahavira, Swami Vivekananda and the innumerable souls who lived in this great country ‘Bharat’. When you have the power of the lord Indra himself, it is next to impossible to contain that energy and use it for the right purpose. That is true humility. And that’s exactly what we need to learn and is required in today’s world. Accumulate great powers through ‘Tapas’ and spend it for the welfare of your country. India is the spiritual center of the universe and it is our very duty & responsibility to protect this. This is the universal Truth and have a firm belief in this. This is a privilege reserved only to the countrymen in India.

“How on earth do you want to miss such an opportunity by leaving this country?”

Though it’s not a business topic, the reason why I posted it on #LinkedIn is to make sure I don’t leave any of those ‘want to be great souls’. You always have a choice to come back to India, to fulfill the ultimate desire of your soul.