Every company hits a roadblock after reaching certain growth.

I help cross that chasm and take them higher in their journey.

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Why we don’t leave India!

‘You can consider yourself unfortunate, if you happen to leave India and settle in some other country’; said a Satguru to …

The power of FAITH

When Lord Ram killed Raavan, people celebrated joy and happiness across all 3 lokas (bhu loka, paathaal, swarga loka) treating this …

Who am I?

This reminds me of a TV commercial played by one of the job portals few years back. The advertisement shows a …


Start Up Story

India is going through the start-up revolution today and everyone wants a share of it. Everyone wants to get into it; be it a school dropout, a college graduate, a manager who is vexed with his nine-to-five job, a senior director who now wants to cross over the stream to test waters… Entrepreneurship is such an exciting world that everybody wants to just dive in and enjoy the swim.

This book is a one of its kind as it offers true interaction with the reader by offering both bookish as well as real-time experiences from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

real-time experiences

 An extraordinary story that will inspire you to take your life to next level and beyond.


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